Venetian Plastering

Despite the name, Venetian plastering does not mean damp and crumbling! Venetian plastering is a specialist technique used to create the most luxurious and stunning finish. This technique is also known as polished plaster – a name which gives more of a clue – Marble Plaster or Stucco Veneziano. Stucco Veneziano is simply Italian for ‘Venetian Plaster’ but it’s a handy phrase to know next time you ask the Jones’ round to make them green with envy.

Venetian Plaster is simply a polished version of our old favourite, but the polishing process transforms the matt finish that traditional plaster creates into a breathtaking decorative finish. Pigment is combined with the plaster and just about any colour you can imagine can be used to create a stunning effect. The finished polished plaster resembles marble – both in its shining, smooth texture and also in its marbled pattern. Popular colours are those that mimic ‘real’ marble such as subtle terracotta’s or umbers, but your imagination is really the only limit when it comes to this material, bold modern colours can be used to stunning effect.

Venetian Plastering is a highly specialised technique and has been used for centuries to create an impression of wealth and grandeur. The effect was popular in stately homes, where many apparently marble columns, walls or features were actually created using this cost effective plastering technique.

While this is a highly specialised method, all of our team are fully trained in this type of work. For more information on Venetian Plastering, costs or a free quote – contact our team today.